Nigerian Military Denies Attack in Pulka


There is a certain malicious video clip circulating in the new (social) media purporting that Governor Abubakar Sani Bello was stoned  and booed while on his statewide Mid-Term Project  Assessment and Meet the People  Tour. This is not true. This cannot be true.

Even though the video speaks for itself, we are constrained to disown it in its entirety and to state that it is the callous hands of mischief makers who are out to undermine the integrity of the governor.

“The video is clearly, one of the tricks of ‘social media insurgents’ who are merchants of fake news, masters of distraction and harbingers of discord and disharmony that have nothing to offer the society, only to terrorize and undermine individual, corporate organizations and established brands.”

Whatever their dubious intentions, we must be quick to categorically state that at no point was Governor Sani Bello stoned or booed in all the local government councils he had visited thus far.

“There is no gainsaying that Governor Abubakar Sani Bello is one of the most loved  Governor in Nigeria today, who interacts freely with his people in, sometimes unusual circumstances like when he is travelling within the state.”

“He has since May 29, 2015 adopted a Blusukanic leadership style unprecedented in the history of Niger state. His unique and consistent style is interacting with people at every opportunity”

Since the beginning of the tour,  what Governor Sani Bello has received from all  local government areas visited, has been love and appreciation by the people.

To put the records straight, the mischievous video was an extract from what transpired at the May 29, 2015 swearing in and handover ceremony at the Bako Kontagora Stadium, Minna, and not a recent video.

We also completely dissociate ourselves from the video, which may also likely be spread to undermine the person of the former governor, Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu.

It is our believe that the vendors of this video clip are out to pursue an undisclosed agenda by generating unnecessary tension and capitalising on it.

Governor Sani Bello is highly appreciated by the people for what he has and is still doing, and would not be distracted by the mischief of some gullible worms groveling and feeding over the slimy crumbs of sentiment.