PetroChina said to consider bigger stake in Aramco IPO

新华社照片,乌鲁木齐,2013年8月11日 石油工人战高温:为了南疆600万群众早日用上充足的天然气 两名工人在建设中的和田河气田天然气处理三期工程工地现场施工(7月23日摄)。 眼下,新疆沙漠中的地表温度超过70摄氏度,中石油塔里木油田的工人们顶沙暴、战高温,加紧施工,力争让南疆600万群众在冬季到来前使用上充足的天然气,度过一个温暖舒适的冬天。 新华社记者 王菲 摄

One of China’s largest oil and gas company, PetroChina said it will consider taking part Saudi Aramco’s initial public offering based on “market conditions”.

PetroChina will be the second Chinese oil major to discuss becoming an investor this week.

“Saudi Aramco has raised this plan to PetroChina,” said president and vice chairman Wang Dongjin on Thursday at a briefing following the announcement of China’s largest oil and gas producer’s 2016 results.

“I think we will make our evaluation and study based on the market situation,” Wang said.

On Monday, Sinopec Corp said Aramco president had visited the firm and both sides would have talks on the IPO, which is expected to be the world’s largest equity sale.


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