Petrol black market hawker say this is means of survival


By Okafor Joseph

 March30,2017|7:15 AM Despite drop in Nigeria’s consumer index inflation from 18.72 in January to 17.78 in February, Ordinary Nigerians cannot see the signs of positive change in the economy.   economic recession coupled with the hyperinflationary trend in the country is making life unbearable for Nigerians from all walks of life especially the masses.

This economic situation is so terrible that many families are not able to feed thrice a day; parent refuse their children university education, other  parent withdrew their children from public school, pregnant women  assist husband in selling road side petrol said Esther Olehi 45year Old, woman who takes care of her family.

Esther whose husband is a shoe maker with six (6) children said  life has being so horrible  her family and that my husband will can’t even feed thrice a day not to talk of sending all her children to school.

The price of raw materials for making shoe is now high, my husband can’t cope so he decided to close down his business.

She also noted that, I and my husband sell fuel to feed our family and paid other bills.

Esther who displays fuel along Alakija junction Satellites Town, Lagos said this is what will do for living adding the government of President Buhari has left them with no hope than to sell petrol and survive on that.

Despite not considering the risk involved, Esther said they risk their entire family in searching for their daily bread.

For Collins Udoma hawking petrol in the street has being the means of survival for him and his family ever since he lost his Job five years ago life has been a living hell.

According to him, we buy petrol from filling station and sell in the night, not considering the risk in it. Collins whose wife Theresa is pregnant with their third child said with this Government life has been hell on earth.

He also noted, that we sell petrol beginning form 6pm to 1pm in the night for those car broke down or those commercial buses driving late in the night.

Udoma who lives in a wood house located at festac, new Bridge close to the canal, said this is the only means me  and my wife send out children to school and also as a means of survival in this economic recession period .

Udoma and Esther represent what other families are going through this harsh economic times.

Udoma who is a graduate Lagos state university appeals to Government to add much effort in achieving peace in the Niger Delta which is the genesis of our problem in this country. He further said that to put an end to the pipeline vandalisation which has reduced crude oil production to 1.9 million and 2 million barrels per day.

But normally, if everything is working and there is no vandalisation of the pipelines, we are likely to get like 2.4 million barrels per day.

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