NIgeria: A Tale of A Country with Confused Political Parties


Nigeria is practicing a democratic system where the ruling All   Progressive Congress (APC) is acting as opposition within itself while   the Peoples Democratic Party is performing worse than it ever did when   it was in government. With the ruling and opposition political party’s   in the country obviously programming objectives fashioned to satisfy   their self centered interests, vacuum is created in the system where   governance is steadily sliding towards anomie.   With the ongoing confusion, cabals in liaison with political appointees   are becoming incurably daring. The National Assembly has reduced itself   to an assembly of bleating sheep’s, singing drivel at the detriment of   the esteemed tenets of the legislative arm and at the cost to good   governance.

Nigeria is a country lugubriously gifted with people who have penchant   for creating parallel system, replicating reality crafted to poison the   course of what is obtainable by law. The ruling party is expected to   steer the affairs of the nation towards collective destiny of growth,   peace and prosperity while the opposition party is mandated to make the   ruling party stay committed, focused to deliver dividends of democracy.

Sadly, these divides are embroiled in internal fisticuffs.   A look at the composition of the APC presents a picture of politicians   who have been everywhere doing so many things but good. They belonged to   every possible political party conceivable, shunted party platforms,   benefitted from corruption and participated in table tipping to   accomplish their ambition. Some joined the APC marriage of necessity to   extract pounds of flesh, some to stay politically relevant, some to   actually act as internal opposition others all of the above. It is   therefore easy from the highlighted areas that the ruling party is a   tower of Babel, and like it was in ancient time, building the change   mantra tower would certainly be an impossible task.

For the opposition party the PDP, some powers that feel strongly in   favor of a one party state and those who want alternative platform ahead   of 2019, a very sick opposition is very much required. The cabals   interested in zero opposition have recruited some elites to constantly   hack at any opportunity to resuscitate the ailing party. Those   interested in jumping the APC ship they are currently battering have   also engaged the services of some elites to cage the party until they   are done destroying the ruling party.

The perspective of our political class has changed with variables primed   at shooting down the very essence of democracy. May be we are doing it   our own way, but the 2015 alliance and subsequent defeat of the PDP has   not thought any good lesson. For the bickering APC politicians, a last   minute alliance is always waiting for them. They can do anything they   like, wreck their party platform and yet get away clean to perpetuate   themselves.

We can now see why the ruling and opposition party platforms will   continue to totter on slippery grounds until they cave under to produce   another party. For many politicians, it is instructive for the major   party platforms to be on fire. It must burn for them to steal money and   latter votes of unassuming Nigerians. For them, a new party will give   them a clean sheet just as APC provided some thieving PDP politicians.

Yes, the 2015 election has only made Nigerian politicians more radical,   less responsible and most notorious in abuse of office.

The present political situation therefore places Nigeria on a ticking   time bomb set to explode once the spreading party implosion continues to   spread like virus through the structures. The ruling party is nursing   smashed nose while the opposition is blinded by several self inflicted   blows to the eyes. As the two major political party’s are throwing   punches, howling insults the system is feeling the weight of the   rumblings. The spate of recklessness is becoming legendary between the   executive and the legislative arm of government.

The formation of APC and the greed of PDP has fractured their   potentials, reducing party formations to prebends of some gluttonous   elites engaged in ego measuring contest laced around hot cauldron of   dock and dive maneuvers for who gets richest and whose length of   influence goes the farthest. Alas the composition of the two leading   political party’s is the sad reality of toddler cognitive reflexes   reflected by the dramatis personae on our political scenery.   Our political recruitment system has only helped in producing elites who   are only interested in recouping their ‘investment’ at the polls. A   look at the monies required by the Independent Electoral Commission   (INEC) for candidates in elective offices to pay before joining the race   shows how the system gives only a limited class of Nigerians the   opportunity to participate regardless of their mental, social or   administrative capability.

Most politicians holding the reigns of elective positions in the country   are investors whose primary objective is to make good turnover of what   they have spent. They are therefore interested in their own pockets than   keeping faith with the rudiments of their offices meant to bring succor   to the ordinary citizens who elected them. They amass ill gotten wealth   and use it as baits at the end, sprinkle peanuts for electorates who are   dazed and crazed with hunger to gnaw at, in return for votes.

Generally speaking therefore, it is suffice to assert that our   politicians, regardless of the divides are supper greedy, abysmally self   based and pathologically programed to use their powerful positions to   rape the country of its commonwealth. It is indeed clear that the   present doldrums is a resultant consequence of corruption, which has   indeed become an incurable cancer devouring what is left of our   democracy.

Written by, Israel A. Ebije.


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