NUC seeks ban on ‘illegal’ courses offered by Nigerian universities


The National Universities Commission, NUC, has commenced the process of dis-accrediting some courses being handled by specialised universities.

Specialised universities are those set up to pursue specific courses and programmes to generate manpower in particular sectors of the economy. They include universities of technology and those of agriculture.

The NUC’s action follows a directive two months ago by the Federal Ministry of Education that specialised universities should not handle courses outside their mandate.

The government further directed that such universities should stick to their core mandates for which they were set up and desist from running programmes which they were not meant to.

The education ministry had condemned the current situation where such universities offer programmes in law, accounting, and business administration, among others. It also said it was an aberration for such institutions to change the nomenclature of those controversial courses to read, for instance, Banking Engineering and Accounting Technology.