Eni Angolan project ahead of schedule; India’s IOC awards tender


* Italy’s Eni said on Wednesday that it started production at the East Hub Development Project in its Block 15/06 off Angola five months ahead of schedule.

* Eni began producing from the West Hub Project in the same block at the end of 2014. Combined output from the two projects is expected to peak at 150,000 barrels per day this year.

* Nigeria’s vice president will visit the oil-producing Delta region on Friday, police said, as the government seeks to broker peace with militants whose attacks have hammered the country’s crude production.

* Nigeria’s Kaduna refinery is operating at 65 percent capacity, executive director Alhaji Malami said in a statement.


* ExxonMobil offered a mid-March cargo of Qua Iboe at dated Brent plus $1.50 a barrel.

* Petrobras offered a cargo of Agbami loading March 22-23 at a small premium to dated Brent.


* There was little discussion of March-loading cargoes with the April loading plan due within a week.


* India’s IOC awarded its tender for April 1-10 loading to Shell for a cargo of Nigerian EA and Glencore for a cargo of Nigerian Okwuibome.

* Total also won part of the IOC tender, traders said, with Nigerian Akpo and Angolan CLOV.


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