Never bite the fingers that fed you – E-Money’s wife blasts Harrysong

E-money’s wife has fired some shots at Harrysong with very deep words of wisdom.
Recently news broke out that Harrysong parted ways with 5 Star Music in a messy way. The singer absconded his deal which was yet to legally expire. An action that made the label ordered his arrest recently. Below is E-money’s reaction:

Never break the pot that once gave you water .Never bite the hands that once fed you. Never despise the home that once gave you shelter. Never punch holes in the umbrella that once gave you cover. Never insult the breasts that once gave pleasure. And never malign the church that once gave you fire. If , for now you have outgrown their usefulness, leave them intact , and go quietly and honourably. For it may be the time and season of Breakthrough for others also . Becareful how you close a door. Never ever bang it, you may need to walk through that same door tomorrow.
Have a Blessed Week Friends

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