Forex crisis: #OccupyCBN movement pickets Abuja, makes demands


Organisers of #OccupyCBN movement returned to the streets of Abuja on Friday, demanding the immediate reversal of “punitive and fraudulent foreign exchange regime” of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The rally, which is holding for the second time in two weeks, was organised by Nigerian Wailers, a political action group led by Deji Adeyanju.

Mr. Adeyanju’s group is circulating pamphlets with graphical illustration of how the lingering foreign exchange crisis is enabling a few individuals with access to those in government to keep cashing in to the detriment of a plurality of Nigerians.

Nigerians have been groaning in hunger since the downward trend of the country’s economy began taking its toll last year.

The Buhari administration blamed shrinking value of the naira, low crude prices and runaway inflation for the crisis.

 The administration urged the citizens to be patient for the palliative measures being put in place to materialise.

But Mr. Adeyanju said Nigerians are grappling with unbearable hardship and called on the CBN to relax its grip on the national currency and gain the confidence of investors.

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