Jan-Sept Ivory Coast rubber exports up Date


Ivory Coast’s exports natural rubber  totalled 360,909 tonnes since  first nine months of the year, up more than 16 percent from the same period of 2015, provisional port data showed on Friday.

Ivory Coast, who is among the  world’s top cocoa producer, and also  Africa’s one cocoa producer and exporters and also the   leading grower of natural rubber in the world.

The Ivorian Exports have grown in recent years as farmers, lured by the promises of more stable incomes, have increasingly made the switch from cocoa.

Here are the Following port figures in tonnes for September:

Sept 2016 Aug 2016 Sept 2015

Abidjan 35,748 24,866 19,626

San Pedro 19,100 16,853 16,565

Total 54,848 41,719 36,191

Cumulative from Jan 360,909 306,061 310,691

NOTE: September data for Abidjan is provisional and could be subject to revision. Abidjan port said January data was revised to 23,766 tonnes from 24,665 tonnes, February data was revised to 26,417 tonnes from 24,873 tonnes, March data was revised to 19,647 tonnes from 19,605 tonnes, April data was revised to 23,025 tonnes from 21,673 tonnes and July data was revised to 24,407 tonnes from 16,597 tonnes.