Talk for the Best by John Adebisi


Gone are the days when you couldn’t talk the talk. Now you’re talking everywhere you go. Inspired to change your world, we’ve got you covered on the smartphone network. Touching lives with smile, we speak your language.

We’ve got you talking. Now you can talk special. But if you talk in Naira and Kobo, talk value for money. Smart talk is better talk is true talk. Talk more for less is more or less smooth talk. Talk good talk; better talk is about the best. When in talk zone, talk safety first. Don’t text and drive. When you drive, don’t talk de go. Wherever you go, talk straight. Wherever you be, talk true. Do not say yes when you mean to say no.

Ok, let’s talk the fucking talk.

mike-adenuga_416x416Before a marathon talk, take a cup of coffee. In between talk, have a tea break. Between Milo and Bournvita is Top Tea. By your side is Ovaltine. To your right is Lipton or yellow label tea. Up there is milk left and right. It may be full cream, low fat, condensed or evaporated milk. Some are Loya milk and some others are Cowbell our milk. One is Hollandia Gold and another is Luna Popular. Real milk tastes great and Fan is simply fantastic. Nunu milk helps children grow every day, and Complan is a complete meal in milk.

Sometimes what you see is not what you get. Therefore, pray and look out for real NAFDAC number. Oh Lord, give us our daily bread and forget not our daily milk. Give them Nido; forgive Dino; and give us Dano milk. Butter our bread on both sides. Lead us to the coast, but deliver us from the queens of the coast.

You’ve got Dangote sugar or Saint Louis sugar. Get your own cream cracker or white bread to toast. Honey is sweet, and so is sugar berry in sugar belly. Doodad is one Olympic champion. I’m a winner with three crowns. It’s in you. Reach for your peak.

Now, let’s talk the real fucking talk.

Back then in the family living room, “Man U for life” needed their family home advantage – her creature comforts, his home comforts. There’s a place for everything, and everything in its place. Everything is an object, and every object is built from a class. The V-Class is a circle of influence at the center of attraction. Being a center of attention itself, the P-Class at best is best imagined. V is an instance of the V-Class, while P is an instance of the P-Class. P and V, two aside, meet at the center of gravity influenced by the S-Class. The S-Class interfaces V and P, two of a kind. An instance of the S-Class, S, may result in some VIP. At times if care is not taken, S may have undesired consequences. The S-Class, like any other class, loses its nature’s essence when what it was to be is not what it is.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé is a combination of exclusivity and breathtaking performance. Apart from serving as an AMG hallmark confirming superlative precision and production quality, the AMGengine plate bearing the engine technician’s signature is also a clear testament to the peerless DNA of Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance brand.

The S-Class Coupé in its factory form is sexy in its own right – the irresistible contours of the S 65 AMG Coupé are a captivating sight. The eye is drawn to the ‘V12 BITURBO’ and the high-sheen chrome inserts in the skirt in perfect harmony.

What a lovely S-Class Coupé! Mercedes-Benz made it irresistible. Like it.
What a godly S-Class Couple! God made them male and female. Love it.
Live it or leave it alone.

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

That’s a classical hymn by Cecil Alexander. Correct me if I’m right, for correction’s sake! I wish today could pass as ‘World Plagiarism Day’ so I might genetically modify Wikipedia pages and send word to those whose stock-in-trade is “fixing things that aren’t broken and not fixing things that are broken.”

It ain’t nothing but the best. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If there is no evidence of a real problem, and fixing the “problem” would not effectively improve a thing, then don’t waste time and energy (yours or anybody else’s) trying to fix it. On the other hand, if something is slightly broken in a way that you care about, and fixing it improves thingy a little, then feel free to fix it.

Be wise; do nothing stupid! Be clever, simply clever, and do not be too smart for your own good. “Power is nothing without control” – Pirelli. In fact, power without control is peril. Get power for your control.

Nothing is fool proof. The best has a proof. Trim it to make it. It’s like everything you want; nothing you don’t. The creative mind knows that “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The best or nothing,
The best;

Talk of the best in a class of its own. It is the best or nothing to talk about. Talk the best and talk the best talk. Walk the talk, for the best. Talk truth. Conscience is nurtured by truth. Be open. Be honest. That’s how to talk on the Naked Convos.

Talk around. Talk roundabout. Less talk about the rest, let’s talk about the best.

The best stands out from the rest. Sometimes the best needs no advertisement. We recognize them by their logos. By their slogans you should know them. The best is known by its brand name written in style. Good food; Good life. Life’s Good. Goodness is sharing happiness. It’s Vanity Fair. Be moved. Think different. Think positive. Good thinking, good product; new thinking, new possibilities. Rethink possible. It’s a better way forward. It’s a better way to live.

Let’s go places. Let’s go beyond. Tata, Mitsubishi et al. Isuzu, zoom, zoom, above and beyond. Go further. Drive safely. One life, live it. There’s no substitute. Break through the art of performance and discover precision crafted performance. Imagine the power of dreams and enjoy the ultimate driving experience.

You are driving and dreaming you got the power to surprise. Everyone dreams. You dream of going to Mike Adenuga Towers. How alive are you? There is a time to dream up. There is a time to wake up and drive. Don’t dream it. Drive it! Drive your dreams to innovation that excites the way of life. You live. You ride. There’s only one. Drive one for living. Motion and emotion and confidence in motion get you ahead.

Drive@earth, Volvo for life or what moves you? Is it Rolls Royce or America’s Import? Is it Bugatti or Ferrari? It’s a Skoda, you claim. You want Bristol, Bentley and Lincoln by fiat. Buy Fiat. By Fiat arrive Mercury and Saturn. Grab life by the horns. It’s like nothing else. You are not Bill Gates, but when you get it, you get it. Look! Talk Lamborghini. Talk Infiniti. Look ahead! Live life in your own lane. Journey on with sheer driving pleasure and drive to arrive safely.

It’s never a dull moment around here. We are driving excitement driven by passion for life. We are professional grade in the relentless pursuit of perfection along the standard of the world. Driven by what’s inside, find your own road. Find new roads to drive the change. Travel Well. Get there. We Kia for you, all the way!

If it is not Panadol, then it is not the same thing as Panadol. It’s me or nobody. So it’s me. You are you in real life. But are you you on YouTube? Upload and download like you like Instagram. Wetin concern Agbero with data overload? Use it today. Get double back tomorrow. That’s glo for you!

Nairaland isn’t no man’s land. Beware of 419. Myspace is not for sale. It’s LinkedIn. You tweet 24/7 and you are known to Facebook, but you turn your back on your books. Sorry, you can’t follow me before me to glo.

Hi5, 5Alive! WhatsApp, what’s up? Whatever your Pinterest, Skype keeps you talking. Das Auto. Wirleben Autos. VorsprungdurchTechnik. Weird, right? They are giants through technology. We are the giant of jagbajantis. We are proudly Nigerians! Tenin’teni; t’akisanit’aatan. Jangilovaepo motor! To restructure Nigeria and salvage “tiwan’tiwa” is to feel proudly Nigerian.

Question Yahoo! Answers. Search the web for ‘everything’, and bingo! You get ‘everything’ on the Internet. Wow, Amazon or Verizon knows what My Web Search is. Google ‘the web for everyone’, and if you have questions, ask them.

Lazy minds discuss people. Sound minds analyze knowledge. Great minds multiply intelligence. Mind your world. In mining, mind the earth with heart. This is creative mining: mine the books; mind the authors. Like them; follow me to glo. Come together to go together. Go together to glo together. Ready, set, glo!

Talk is cheap on Snapchat, but to chat with the brave hunter in the evil forest, you must set forth at dawn. There is a swamp full of dollars inside the forest of a thousand demons. Everything good will come but nothing comes easy. Yet, nothing comes close. Measuring time from full moon to half of a yellow a sun, my watch is no longer at ease.

There was a country, at my command the man died under my watch. Mind my watch lest things fall apart on my watch. Watch my watch watch the watcher. Stay tuned. Watch President Muhammadu Buhari fly everywhere around the world far above the trouble with Nigeria.

We want change. They change from PDP to APC to God knows their permanent home address – six feet under, express to hell. Corrupt leaders and their leaders! So fake for each other it’s in order for a fake republic. Today, Nigeria’s economy is down on its knees begging the Zenith Bank in your best interest!

It is the economy, stupid. It is fiscal federalism, idiot. Wait a minute! Barack Obama is online and Hillary Clinton is waiting on the line. Guess what; David Cameron is fantastically offline.

Good people, great nation! That’s sweet talk. Nigeria as a fantastically corrupt country is bitter talk. Africa like a country is foolish talk, and Nigeria the giant of Africa is rubbish talk. This is fake talk: “Over 140 million people, 250 ethnic groups with different cultural upbringings, approximately 500 languages, they live together in harmony.” One plain talk is one Nigeria is not one. And that Nigeria’s “unity” is not negotiable is nonsense talk.

Moving forward facing glo, let’s talk great talk. Our future is greater than our past. Average people talk and talk. Great people think and talk like no other. Dundun and Gangan are talking drums. If you can’t beat them, leave them. Rumble in the Jungle. They are Muhammad Ali. If you can’t beat them, at least, be the one to beat. Sunrise daily on Channels TV; CNN go there; NTA, you can’t beat the reach. It’s digital. You’re analog. Insofar as you can’t beat it, so be it. And so be you. In a nutshell, be yourself and be the best you can be. Between Coca Cola and Seven Up, the difference is clear. Between Anglophone and Francophone Africa, what phone are you?

A phone in your hand is like a visa on your passport to reach the world. But why do you carry more than a phone? You want internet access from GSM-enabled dual-SIM smartphones. You want high-speed internet for your Blackberry smartphone and Windows tablet PC. You want faster, smarter and reliable internet to connect with your world. You want superfast, super-reliable and high-quality 4G LTE broadband internet to stay connected. You want everything on the go. You want the latest iPhone to glo with pride. You want Samsung Android phones to rule your world. You want unlimited internet, and the OBA OF GLOBACOM wants you to glo unlimited.

Although these days there are mobile communication devices to suit all pockets, data zappers picking pockets in broad daylight could make someone lose their voice. As we speak, data bundles are leaking pockets and before you know it, data packs have left too many holes in their pockets. What’s worse, the poor quality of service remains a thorn in the flesh.

But what’s there to choose between the new late arrival and the late new arrival? And what does it matter to a new latecomer or a late newcomer? To port or not to port – what difference does it make? Out there, in here; out here, in there! Out there is one (1) network operator – yes or no? We keep you talking from Old School to New School to New Old School to the old New School. Those are four (4) different schools – true or false?

To whom it may concern: Subscribers are suffering with monthly rollover. They want affordable data plans that won’t expire before the plans are used. Subscribers want the best quality experience devoid of unsolicited messages from mobile network operators.

To glo: Be different than others.

To glo unlimited: Don’t be the same. Be better per second.

To the glo world: Add 5 to jolific8! Let’s celebrate and jubilate. Gloria may glo with pride. For me, to glo with joy is grace to date.

To Globacom: Happy 13th Anniversary!

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