What did EFCC did to Diezani Alison-Madueke house worth over 18 million dollars?


Is it a crime to have some lovely property? Well, if you live in Nigeria and go into politics, it can be! Ex-minister Diezani has just experienced this personally. The woman has been through a lot of stress and struggle of late. She treated a severe disease in London and had been under investigation for corruption. Plus, recently EFCC has gotten hands on her property.

The rumors go that Diezani confirmed that the value of her mansion is high. It costs over $18 million or 3.5+ billion naira! Moreover, it had lots of precious things inside, such as jewelry, money, and expensive furniture. The lady even had a bulletproof gym in the house!

The total worth of all the things found inside her home amounts to over $2 million. And has been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission!

Now Diezani sees no crime in owning anything of the sort in Nigeria. She has the right to have a house and as much jewelry as she likes. She adds that there is no court paper convicting her of corruption or any other crime. So EFCC has no right to arrest or take away any of her property.

She states that being rich is not related to being corrupt. People have the right to be rich if they gain the wealth legally! So, ex-minster deems such actions illegal and corrupt by their nature.