Uber signs SOU with Ghanaian Ministry of Transport


Ghana becomes one of the first countries on the continent to sign this type of agreement

The Ghanaian Ministry of Transport and Uber have entered into a Statement of Understanding (SOU) to officially welcome Uber in Ghana’s largest city, Accra, last week.

Uber (https://www.Uber.com) was privileged to have Honourable Fifi Kwetey, Minister for Transport and the Ambassador of the United States to Ghana, Robert Porter Jackson at Uber’s launch event in Accra on Thursday 09 June to sign the SOU along with Alon Lits, General Manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa.

The agreement takes note of the discussions that have been started with the Ministry on growing the shared economy and the benefits of efficiency and competition that will be passed onto every day Ghanaians in the form of increased choice and lower costs. The SOU is a start in producing a new, forward-looking regulatory framework that allows for ridesharing technology and regulates its use and adoption by both riders and the individual drivers and companies that use it to source business.

Ghana’s adoption of Uber is an excellent example of a tech savvy nation – not only of consumers but drivers as well. Uber’s technology has the potential to reduce the number of cars on the road and create thousands of economic opportunities across Accra and Ghana.

Lits says, “The SOU is a fantastic first step for Ghana to become a smart city of the future and shows the critical role technology will play in creating thousands of economic opportunities for Ghanaians as well as assisting in reducing congestion on roads. Ghana is a top priority for Uber and we are excited about this agreement to update regulations, drive innovation, create thousands of entrepreneurship opportunities, and provide safe, reliable transport options for the people of Ghana.”