Angela Okorie opens up on alleged marriage crash


Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, has responded to her alleged break up with her husband.

The actress said she had remained married for 10 years, and has a five year old son.

Castigating those peddling the rumour in a chat with the Herald, the light-skinned thespian when asked if it was true she had broken up with her husband, said, “Why? These people that are asking, why do they want to know? Were they there when he ‘toasted’ me? Were they there when we got engaged and married?

“They weren’t there so they shouldn’t ask such questions. I have told you before that I am very different. You understand what I am trying to say?

“Most times I don’t grant interviews because when I do, they write other things. However, there are things I don’t want the media to know about. If I want you to know, I will post it and you will read it.

“If you watch, most of the things they write about me are the things I posted. If I don’t post it, you cannot write. My life is my life, and the media is the media.

“My acting career and my family are two different things all together. I won’t bring my family or anything personal to the media, so my fans should just keep watching.”

Debunking a claim in the past that she was involved in a theft scandal, the ex-Delta Soap model said, “Well, it’s an old gist. The guy I took to South Africa to shoot a movie blackmailed me in order to get some money off me.

“His name is Prince Eke, but he has apologised. He did that when I was on set with Mr Ibu in Oba Town. He came around with a couple of people; I think they were about 15 and he apologised.

“He said he was sorry and that it was the devil that pushed him and all that. Well, it is an old story now and I have forgotten about it,” the mother of one added.