Billy Graham reveals the only way to achieve eternity in heaven


Billy Graham, world-renowned evangelist, reveals the biggest spiritual mistake that people make. He believes that one’s good deeds are not enough when it comes to spending one’s life in eternity.

The reverend declared this in a post published on May 2 for the website of the Graham Evangelistic Association.

Christians who think that their goodness alone can get them into heaven is considered to be mistaken according to Graham.

The 97-year-old evangelist believes that the only way Christians can determine that they have an assured spot in eternity is through their utmost devotion to a relationship with Jesus Christ and not through one’s goodness.

Graham indicates that according to the Bible, the only way a Christian could reach God’s standard of goodness is to be completely perfect. He cites Habakkuk 1:13 saying, “Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrongdoing.”

Moreover, the reverend reveals that the greatest mistake a Christian can ever make is to actually believe that they are already good enough to have a place in Heaven.

“Countless people make this mistake every day, thinking their good deeds will somehow outweigh their bad deeds and make them eligible for Heaven … God is absolutely holy and perfect, and even one sin just one would be enough to banish us from His presence,” the evangelical preacher says.

“Do not trust in yourself or your own goodness for your salvation. Instead, commit your life to Jesus Christ and put your faith and trust in Him. Then you will know that someday you will go to be with Him in Heaven forever not because of your goodness, but because of His,” he adds.

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