Trump nomination divides Republicans


Top Republicans are divided on whether to support Donald Trump after the businessman all but secured the party’s presidential nomination.

Some took to social media to disavow their membership in the party by burning their voter registration forms, the BBC reports.

Others, though, started to fall in line behind the candidate, saying Mr. Trump is vastly preferable to Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee.

Mr. Trump is deeply unpopular among many key voting blocs in the United States.

“If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed and we will deserve it,” South Carolina Senator, Lindsay Graham said on Tuesday after Texas Senator Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, effectively clearing a path for Mr. Trump.

Others such as former Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, who have been harsh critics of Mr. Trump in the past, said they would support him in the general election.

“There’s a lot about Donald Trump that I don’t like, but I’ll vote for Trump over Hillary any day,” said Ari Fleischer, press secretary for former President George W Bush.

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