How I Was Able To Keep My Marriage – Mercy Aigbe


Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry has shared her opinion about issues cropping up in marriages and how she has been able to hold up her present marriage.

The Edo state-born actress said marital problems are not only peculiar to celebrities, noting that it is what everyone is bound to face, regardless of who you are.

Speaking recently with New Telegraph, the actress recalled the most shocking thing she had to face as a public figure.

On why she wished her second marriage was her first, Mercy said, “I’m married to a very wonderful person and I’ve always been this kind of girl that believes that it’s how you want your life to be that’s how your life will be. I didn’t know that there is something called fate.

“I didn’t know that fate can actually twist your plans at the end of the day, it twisted it for good but it’s always a regret because that is not how you actually wanted it. I would have just loved to marry my present husband and have my kids, but it’s okay.”

When asked her take on celebrity marriages being the most difficult to sustain, the thespian said, “The thing is that, marital problems are not peculiar to the entertainment industry. It’s everywhere. Marriages, these days, are not like those days.

“A lot of things that our mother took and our fathers took; we women and men of these days will not take it. So, it’s not synonymous to we entertainers.

“But what I have done, this is my second shot at it and I’ve taken it to God. I believe that marriage is a union ordained by God and I’ve decided to take my marriage to God so that He actually helps me. I think He’s the only one who can give me the grace because the bible says a wise woman builds her home. And that wisdom actually comes from God.

“It’s not easy. It takes a lot of patience and prayers. I’ve made prayer the foundation of my marriage. So I’ve just taken everything to God, and in my own little way, I’m trying to be the best woman my husband can ever wish for.”

On the most awkward thing she has faced in the industry, the 37-year-old mother of two recalled a face-off she had with a popular unnamed blogger accusing her of infidelity.

She disclosed how she felt about it and cleared the air on it.

She said, “I even took the pain of doing a video and all that just to vindicate myself. That was the worst thing that has ever been written about me and I don’t know where that story came from.

“Even people were like, Mercy why did you go as far as doing a video just to clear the air? But, I tell you, we are in this society that you need to take the truth and put on the plate for people to see, and I’m a married woman; I have in-laws to answer to. I’ve got kids. I’ve got a grown-up daughter who has friends in school, who would ask her questions regarding the issue.

“So, I’m always very careful. I’m a mother and I wouldn’t want anything to affect my kids. A lot of people write bad things about me. You known a lot of people write things about you and you just let it go, but the way she (the blogger) coated it, was as if she was there.

“She wrote it as if she was there and she saw it happen. When I first read it, I was like I’m going to let it pass.

“It’s one of those things; it comes with the job and all that. But when I saw that the story went viral, it was buzzing, everybody started calling me; my in-laws started calling me, asking questions. My fans were tweeting, asking me questions.

“The story was so damaging. People advised me to ignore her because she’s known for that. But I knew I have my name to protect.

“And I have my in-laws to answer to, so I needed to explain what really happened. I actually wanted to sue her, but people advised me to just leave her.

“It was then that I got to know that she’s not even in Nigeria. So I was like, how could someone call you and tell you something?

“You should have even called me too. So that when you write the story, you would also be reporting my own side of the story. It shouldn’t be one-sided.

“Someone should not just call you and tell you this and this happened and you will just go ahead and report it, without getting in contact with me or the organizers of the event. She didn’t. So I just had to come out and clear the air.”

She, however, denied claims that she encountered issues with her husband after the incident.

According to her, “I never had any issues with my husband. That was a lie. There is no way I could have any issues. I never had any issues with my husband before the incident and after then I never had any issues with my husband.

“Although, my husband was shocked at the way the person cooked up the story and he was really touched. But again, he saw it as the price to pay for marrying an actress.

“The event actually made me know that I was loved. A lot people called me and they told me to just go ahead with my work and my family. I was touched. I got a particular call that moved me to tears because the woman was so emotional and passionate with the way she was talking. ‘She said, “Mercy, you shouldn’t have done the video.’

“You don’t have to explain to anybody. What is her business? I’m a married woman too and I understand. Why would you do that when you are not mad?” She went ahead to say, “When I read the story, I knew it just didn’t add up.

“You are a celebrity. Even if you have mental problem, there was no way you could have done that”. I can actually say now that the story came as a blessing in disguise. A lot of people, out of compassion, encouraged me.”

When asked if she had any limitations in acting, the actress said, “Yes I do, I can never act nude. And it doesn’t even come with the job. You choose to.”