Encourage investments in renewable energy, Environmentalist urges FG


An environmentalist, Prof. Sylvester Egwu, on Thursday urged the Federal Government to create the enabling environment that would encourage investments in renewable energy.
Egwu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that renewable energy, which comprises water, wind, wood and solar, is environment friendly and abundantly inexhaustible.
“The fossil fuel energy, coal and petroleum related energy like gas and oil, is not friendly and cause the climate change everybody is talking about.
“The fossil fuel is now being replaced with friendly type of energy like water, wind, biomass and solar energies called renewable energy.
“In some areas the wind is very high and can be used to generate energy while in others the sun is high and can be used to generate solar energy.
“Biomass, like waste and wood energy, can be converted into stove and these are friendly energies that are harmless to humans, animals and the atmosphere.
“But the Federal and State Governments need to do a lot to get rich people to invest in renewable energy,” he said.
Egwu said that solar energy could be utilised using phot-vatic cells which were technologically being produced as solar panels.
“If you have a building, you can install some solar panels and that will give you light.
“This will reduce the burden on the electricity generating system we are operating now,” he said.
According to him, using generator, which is a part of fossil fuel as it uses petrol, releases huge amount of pollution that contribute to what is being referred to as greenhouse gases.
He said that greenhouse gas emissions from the generators affect the respiratory systems and cause many other diseases. (NAN)


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