Investment: Make It A Financial Resolution By Genevieve Aningo


The New Year is here again and in its usual way of clamouring for resolutions! Most individuals anticipate for New year resolutions. Annually, one hears things like I want to shed off weight this year, especially by the females; I want to quit smoking and drinking, no talking too much this year. These resolutions can be achieved only with consistency and perseverance.
Resolution is determination, decision, taken to achieve a particular goal at a stipulated time. A step consciously taken to achieve new things and let old negative habits die off.
Well, if you have done most common resolute, or just about to begin joining the resolution wagon why not challenge yourself by taking investment as this new year resolution. Investment is like planting a seed for a future  harvest. Depending on paid salary to take care of your needs and your family is a risk especially with today’s depleting economy; one needs investment for a buoyant financial status.
Most people are always paranoid with the risks involved in investment, thus they run away from it in order to save their fingers from being burnt. This may be reasonable enough but one needs to look at the positive side of investment, besides life they say is full of risks. One must give to gain something.
There are so many things worth investing into such as lands, lucrative business ideas among others. Whatsoever one is investing into it, make sure it is worth investing, something that do not depreciate as the clock ticks.
The best guiding principle to imbibe while investing is to look before pledging your cash, commitment, resource and time. Use legal authorities no matter how inaccessible they are.
Bear in mind that the rewards of investment are not momentarily. It is a long time venture that demands patience just as parents painstakingly caters for their kids till they mature and become responsible to their needs.
Every good thing has sacrifices and investments do come with challenges that if not managed can prove abortive, thus expect trails that may make you want to fly off the handle. Keeping one’s mind focused at the rewards is one way to overcome all hurdles, when running a race; your destination should be your focal point.
Investments changes ones financial orientation for the good, it makes one frugal and to take wiser financial decisions while waiting for the big break that would reflect in the sum kept in the bank or assets.
What can be more rewarding than having the knowledge that your future is financially secured.