Niger Republic Will Use Nigerian Ports For Transshipment

  • Nigerian Ports AuthorityHowever, due to the efforts of the Chief Executive officer of Nigerian Shippers Council, Barrister Hassan Bello who brokered the new business deal, the Nigerian government has returned to the Nigerian ports.
  • Instead, the land-locked country has turned to Togo and Benin Republic for its transshipment needs.
  • The West African neighbor has few years ago abandoned the Nigerian ports for transshipment due to its perceived the high cost of doing business at the nation’s ports.
  • Niger Republic has finally resolve to resume the use of Nigerian Poirts as a transshipment centre for  all its vehicles destined for the land-locked West African country.
  • At a recent meeting with the Nigerian Shippers’ Council, the government of Niger has agreed to patronise the Lagos RORO ports to import vehicles bound for that country.
  • The decision of the land-locked country was despite the stiff importation policy on vehicle importation under the automotive police of the Federal government.
  • Hassan Bello said that in a couple of months, delegates from Niger Republic will visit Nigerian RORO ports.


  • The executive secretary also disclosed further that the Nigerian neigbour are coming to Nigeria to commence their operations from Nigeria.

‘’It is because of proximity, economy of scale and commonsense dictate the need for them to come to Nigeria and do business’’ he said.

  • He also said the fact that Nigerian ports have not been very efficient in time past led businessmen from Niger to shun Nigerian ports, but expressed optimism that with recent consultations by the Council, an avenue for them to patronise Nigeria ports has been created.

    ‘’Three million metric tonnes of cargoes, they say they will import to their country through Nigeria ports. In a month or so, the delegation from Niger will be coming because of the cars they want to import through Nigeria and instead of using the neighbouring ports, which I don’t want to mention their names, they want to do business in Nigerian ports’’ ,Bello declared.

  • Source: Hallmark



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