CWG Powers Associated Discount House To Migrates To Finacle 10

  • nairaComputer Warehouse Group (CWG Plc) has powered the successful migration of Associated Discount House banking services to Finacle 10 core banking application in a bid to improve their efficiency and improve their customer experience.
  • Finacle core banking solutions are designed to help financial institutions improve their business processes as well as defend them against systemic fraud.
  • They provide a comprehensive, integrated, yet modular and agile approach to core banking that addresses banks’ sophisticated needs in easy-to-configure modules that solve their unique problems while providing high-performance infrastructure that scales with their needs.
  • Speaking on the importance of the migration; Mr. Abubakar Jimoh, the Chief Executive Officer, Associated Discount House Ltd (Now approved for Merchant Banking Operation) observed that the migration was necessitated by the institution’s aim at providing a robust banking platform to drive its expanded suite of services and business operation as well as support its commitment to the achievement of excellent service delivery in the industry.

 “To attain this objective, we believe Finacle 10.2.16 which is currently the highest version of Finacle is a viable option relying on the strong support of Computer Warehouse Group Plc”, he said. On his part, Mr. Austin Okere, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CWG Plc, pointed out that business innovation is key for any institution to survive.

According to him, “In this age of aggressive competition, banks must concentrate on attracting new customers and retaining old ones using the tool of excellent service delivery as well as reduce their cost of operations. In offering Finacle 10 solutions, we have empowered ADH to do both. ”

With this upgrade, Associated Discount House Ltd now has the leverage upon which they can improve their business processes, handle high transaction volumes, manage ever-increasing customer expectations and boost their overall output at the same time. It is indeed another unique opportunity for us to show the difference technology can make when integrated into day-to-day business process” he explained.

  • This adds to CWG’s notable record of providing business enabling solutions and infrastructure to the financial sector over the past two decades.


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