Peugeot, French Car Manufacturer Leads Nigeria's Automobile Market With New Series


auto-show-photos.aspIF Nigerian roads could attest to a brand of car that has ridden on it more, it would be the Peugeot.
Having survived decades of presence in the country, the brand at some point in time was passive wih innovation, giving room for many other brands to come on board. But like a cat with nine lives, the 404 pick-up van still maintains strong presence at some border town in the morth, where it is used to convey tons of goods in and outside the country because of its rugged nature.

Recently, the Peugeot brand staged a come back with sleek state of the art designs, retaining its known old attributes of durability and ruggedness, and the new attributes of style and fuel efficiency.

To create awareness of the brand’s re-emergence and assure potential customers and clients of the its quality that it is known for, the company undertook a test drive for select participants from Lagos to Kaduna.

The distance covered was 905 Kilometers between Lagos and Kaduna, making Peugeot the first motoring company to embark on the longest test drive within Nigeria, with the 508, 4008, 3008, 301 automatic and manual editions.

Top of the range among the cars that were test-driven was the 508 and 508 SW. From the experience, this brand of the Peugeot embodies the essence of Peugeot with their innovative design and top equipment features, making every minute spent in the car special.
Guided by the quest for perfectly balanced and streamlined volumes, the style of the 508 suggests a vehicle sculptures from solid mass, reflecting attributes of elegance, robustness and quality.

At the front, the 508 illustrates Peugeots evolving aesthetic codes with a unique grill rendered in a fluid style, and finely-worked headlights with their feline look, combining chrome and satin surfaces.

Managing Director PAN Ibrahim Boyi also explained that LED driving lights could be specified which can be seen both at night and day.
Similarly, at the rear, three prominent red claws mask three rows of LED lights. The sides of the car are purposefully streamlined, enhanced by the contours of the satin chrome-edged windows.

It has a capacity of 1.6 VTi120bhp engine, of 1,598cm raised to power three and is connected to a 6-speed manual gearbox, which strikes the perfect balance between driveability and fuel consumption, while the 1.6THP 156bhp is available with either a 6-speed manual gearbox, giving it a very high torque availability (240Nm at 1, 400rpm), even at a low speed, making it dynamic and smooth among other fascinating qualities that can not be ignored.

The 4008 combine style and strength, while its carefully crafted and elegant outline goes hand-in-hand with its temperament, it delivers agility and performance on winding trails while offering the advantages of a compact and manoeuvrable model that is optimal for city driving. It breaks all terrain mould by combining toughness of a 4/4 with a prestigious urban look.

The 4008 adds first class handling to its outstanding comfort, which is achieved through a high quality system and a range of transmission modes, while the torque is automatically distributed between the front and the rear axels to provide optimised road-holding in all circumstances.

Also, in poor grip conditions like one would find on most parts of Nigerian roads and as experienced, the 4WD Lock mode transmitted up to 1.5 times more torque to the rear wheels as in automatic mode to help get through difficult situations at low speed.

Asserting itself simply by being different is the 3008 “crossover”, which takes its inspiration from the SUV, the hatch and the people carrier. Its lines represent protective temperament and declare its safe levels of holding whatever the road conditions. Sitting at the wheels of the crossover is like sitting in the cockpit.

The design linking the console to the dashboard gives the cabin a strong and dynamic character, while the high driving position and its improved layout ensure driver comfort and create a feeling of safety.

The 301 is sturdy and reliable, placing its strength from everyday versatility, whether driving in the city or on more difficult roads, its impressive handling allows for its best adaptability to driving conditions.

Its 1.2VTi72BHP, 1.6L VTi 115BHP and 1.6L HDi 92BHP engines combine total control of the vehicle’s weight maintaining a perfect balance as well as fuel efficiency. This was confirmed as a full tank drove all the way from Lagos to Lokoja and remained on reserved until it was refuelled.

The major characteristics that make the Peugeot brand suitable for especially Nigerian roads from the intimate experience is, Safety, Fuel Efficiency, Performance, Reliability, Comfort, Adaptability and Emission.

Explaining to the team what the brand’s value position is among other things was the opportunities Managing Director of Pan, Ibrahim Boyi said, “the company has employed thousands of Nigerians directly and indirectly through an elaborate value chain of dealership network, after sales centres, logistics providers and local component manufacturers.” It has also invested in component supply, dealership networks and after sales centre where Peugeot owners can go and get the best after sales services.

The company’s focus according to Boyi is to begin a journey towards long-term mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, to demonstrate local capacity to meet product and after-sales service needs of Nigerians in the most responsive and consistent manner ad to highlight PAN’s leadership and contributions to Nigeria’s auto industry development among other reasons.

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