Chinese business seeks to import donkeys from Namibia

Namibian Ambassador to China, Mr. Ringo F. Abed Presented at the Opening Ceremony

Namibia’s Ambassador to China, Ringo Abed has called on local farmers to breed more donkeys, given the read market for its meat in China, a local newspaper reported on Monday. The diplomat told the Windhoek-based Namibian Sun on Monday that he was approached by several Chinese businesses, who inquired about the possibility of the country supplying them with donkeys, starting with a first batch of 5000 animals.

Abed said there is a definite market in China for donkey meat which is also used for medicinal purposes.

Whether Namibia has the capacity to supply such a large number of donkey remains to be seen, but the market is here (in China), he said, adding that he has already forwarded the request for donkeys export to China to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry for due consideration.

Although donkey meat is a delicacy in some parts of Namibia, the animal is generally used as mode of transportation by drawing carts and for ploughing fields.

Namibia and China are currently finalising a trade agreement that will pave the way for the exportation of Namibian meat and meat products to the Asian country.

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