Ambazonian Bakassi: How Nigerians Missed The Point


BakassiThis is not for referendum but for implementing law; An who does not respect the binding force of law is inherently lawless and corrupt. The Federal High Court Abuja case FHC/ABJ/CS/5526/2013 as published in page 9 of June 20 DAILY SUN, discloses that by tenaciously sustaining the fraudulent Special Transitional Regime which deprives the plaintiffs of their Bakassi Peninsula and its natural resources, President Jonathan offends against section 9 of the Nigerian Public Officers Code of Conduct; punishable under 18 (2) (a) (b) by Nigeria’s Code of Conduct Tribunal declaring his office vacant and disqualifying him from holding public office for ten years.

And president Jonathan submitted to Court orders including an order to remove all that was brought into the Bakassi Peninsula under the Special Transitional Regime and to ensure that Cameroun implements the United Nations Bakassi Accord which President Biya signed since 2005  saying:- “I President Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroon, in a bid to provide lasting peace in the Bakassi conflict do hereby commit myself and my government to respect the territorial boundaries of my country at obtained at its independence”   that is to say Cameroon must return  to the east of the international boundary line which separates Cameroon from Ambazonia.

Thus if the same plaintiffs or any privy of theirs should cite President Jonathan at the Code of Conduct Tribunal the Abuja Court proceedings would operate as Res Judicata to preclude Jonathan from contesting either the facts or his guilt. No doubt President Jonathan may easily get the Tribunal adjourn the case to a date after the next elections. But then any one can get any Nigerian High Court to issue an injunction to restrain the INEC from accepting Jonathan’s candidature, pending the final determination of the Code of Conduct tribunal case. Those chanting

Jonathan for 2015 should get him implement.  Abuja Court orders or else be excluded from 2015.