Real Estate Firm Creates Tech Solution To Reduce Housing Problems In Nigeria


estateTempoHousing Nigeria has revealed that it is leveraging on decades of technology pioneered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands capital, as a solution to the housing crisis in the country and West Africa.

The company is a multinational Netherland-based project developer that specialises in the manufacture and design of flexible and affordable homes using standard ISO shipping containers.

On the other hand, it is an arm of TempoHousing overseeing all their operations in Nigeria.

It is also an emerging company incorporated to meet the demand for affordable housing in the country, by leveraging its technology and expertise to create a Nigeria-tailored solution to the housing problem.

The Managing Partner of TempoHousing Nigeria, Dele Oladipo, said the firm’s services included provision of permanent and deployable campsite accommodation, offices, residential and commercial housing, convenience, parks, etc.

Oladipo said in the quest for THN housing solutions, THN has undertaken a series of projects for notable clients across the country.

“These projects have ranged from six-man office units to 60-person camp sites with offices,” he said.