Envoy urges Nigerians to acquire skills to live in Italy


921656_569444096410194_1064599543_oThe Consul-General of the Italian Consulate in Lagos, Mr Stefano Leo, on Monday advised young Nigerians to acquire necessary skills to enable them to live and work in Italy.

Leo told Naija247news that the Italian Government was also prepared to accommodate young Nigerians with specialisation in agriculture and those interested in studying in Italy.

The consul-general said that with the present high unemployment situation in Italy, only those with specialised skills and willingness to study would be encouraged to come to Italy.

“We want young Nigerians to know that there are no longer opportunities for those without specialised skills in fashion designing and agriculture in Italy.

“It is only young Nigerians with skills in fashion design and agriculture as well as those willing to study in Italian institutions that will henceforth be given attention.

“It is with such skills that they will be able to live and work in Italy because the situation in Italy at the moment is not very positive,’’ he said.

Leo also enjoined young Nigerians to ensure that they had working knowledge of Italian language before travelling to Italy.

The envoy also advised young Nigerians to change their belief that there were greener pastures in Italy.

The consul-general, who advised youths against being trafficked into Italy, said that the Italian government would sanction anyone trafficked as well as the traffickers.

“We want young Nigerians to know that trafficking of persons into Italy is a criminal act.

“We will continue to encourage Nigerians travelling into Italy to always enter legally.

“Young Nigerians should, therefore, not allow themselves to be trafficked.’’

Leo, however, urged Nigerians to feel free in seeking information on opportunities in Italy and the travel requirements from the consulate-general’s office.

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