Nigeria’s construction industry needs housing forensic scientists


FCT-Housing-EstateDr Maurice Ngwaba, a U.S- based consultant architect, said on Tuesday that the construction industry in Nigeria needed the services of housing forensic scientists for building collapse analysis.

Ngwaba, who is also the Assistant to the Vice President Administrative Affairs/Facilities, University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, stated this in an interview with Naija247news in Lagos.

According to him, this will create avenues for new job opportunities in the housing sector.

“In America, we have people we call forensic scientists who can look at a building collapse and tell you who made an error.

“So, Nigerians can also create a job even by having a new system of people who are trained to analyse a building that fell down and find out who was responsible.

“I have realised that the contractors here don’t have an examination that they take to qualify as building contractors.“

He said that in other climes, people were required to sit for an examination to be able to become building contractors, adding: “and these would-be contractors have stages of applications that they have to adhere to“.

Ngwaba said that as contractors graduated from one levels of work, they would become more experienced and ready to do more complex works.

He said that with this process, contractors would be able to take responsibility for any error in the construction process without passing the buck to the engineers.