Sudanese President calls for release of political detainees


Sudanese President Omar Al BashirSudanese President Omar Al Bashir on Monday ordered the release of all political detainees in his country.

The President said the detainees should be released if they have no pending criminal cases.

He followed up at the opening of a new session of the National Legislature in Omdurman, by saying his government was working hard to achieve a comprehensive national accord that does not exclude anyone.

He said that the efforts culminated in round-table meeting of more than 60 political parties that discussed his national dialogue initiative for resolving the country’s crisis.

“The national dialogue will continue and be open to everyone, without exclusion.

“Everybody can join the objective dialogue for agreement on a programme and principle we will be committed to and on a mechanism we all agree upon’’, Al Bashir said in the televised speech.

The President also announced free political gathering and meetings in and outside the headquarters of political parties, as well as freedom of expression and assembly.

On Sunday evening, over 60 Sudanese political parties, met at the Friendship Hall, in response to a call by Al Bashir for national dialogue on a wide-range of issues.

His order for the release of all political detainees was given at the opening of the national dialogue.

He also directed the authorities of all the states in the country to allow political parties to carry out their activities unhindered.

The President also invited the rebel movements to take part in the national dialogue, pledging to ensure the safety of the movements’ leaders.

Most of the parties taking part in the dialogue are allies of the government.

However, some opposition parties, including the Popular Congress Party (PCP) of Hassan Turabi, the National Umma Party (NUP) of Sadiq al-Mahdi and the newborn Reform Now Movement of Dr. Ghazi Sala Al-Dinn Attabani, were also participating. (PAN/Naija247news)

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