NSE pledges commitment to investors’ protection


nseMrs Tinu Awe, the Head of Legal and Regulation Division of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), has pledged that the NSE would carry shareholders along on market regulation.

Awe made the pledge at the NSE Retail Investors’ Clinic on Wednesday in Lagos.

She said that the regulation of the market was aimed at protecting shareholders’ investments on the NSE.

“We do not have preference for any category of investors, rather educating and protecting the interest of all shareholders/investors is paramount to the Exchange,” she said.

Mr Oluwole Abegunde, the Managing Director, Meristem Securities Ltd, said that understanding the concept of the market cycles would help investors to grow in the market.

According to him, a market cycle shows the price movement over time and such movement determines the trend of the market which can bullish or bearish.

Abegunde advised investors to always reinvest their gains in the market during the bullish period, adding that such a period was favourable for realisation of profits.

Mr Micheal Cole, a member of the Progressive Shareholders Association of Nigeria, said that the ongoing recapitalisation by companies in the capital market would impact negatively on retail investors.

Cole said that recapitalisation would make some firms to charge higher fees, while others would prefer high net worth investors to retail investors.