APC chieftain advises conference delegates to strengthen national unity


Alhaji Abdullahi Bafarawa,Alhaji Abdullahi Bafarawa, an All Progressives Congress (APC) stalwart in Sokoto State, on Wednesday advised delegates to the national conference to focus on how to strengthen the nation’s corporate existence.

Bafarawa told News men in Sokoto that unity among Nigerians would enhance socio-economic and political development of the country.

“We need each other, if we really want to maintain our position as the giant of Africa. A united Nigeria has the capacity to maintain the position,” he said.

He called on the delegates not to tamper with the existing structure of the country but mutual respect for religion, ethnic and cultural differences should be sustained.

Bafarawa advised the delegates to refrain from taking hard line position on sensitive issues like religion, ethnicity and cultural beliefs in the conference.

He said the delegates should focus their attention on serious issues like security, education, agriculture and oil exploration for the overall development of the country