The Tragic Death Of Applicants For The Immigration Employment



MASS RALLY for the UNEMPLOYED Holds March 27th!!!

1.    The Joint Action Front (JAF) deplores the tragic death of scores of applicants, who were part of the millions at the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) job recruitment exercises that occurred across the country on March 15th 2014.

2.    We commiserate with the families of the dead unemployed youth and the Nigerian working people who have been grieved by this tragic occurrence, which is an indication of the prevalent unjust neo-liberal IMF and World Bank policies that is the root cause of over 50 millions of youth unemployment and rising job losses and social  insecurity in the country.

3.    Much as we join other grieving Nigerians to demand the sack and immediate prosecution of the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Management of NIS for their culpability in organising the avoidable rancorous interview exercises, we wish to state that such ephemeral measures do not address the fundamental root of the tragic death of March 15th. The root cause has to do with Government’s policies of privatisation and outsourcing of its responsibilities; which in its disregard for human life and in preference for private selfish greed and loots contracted the recruitment exercise to its cronies.

4.    The above informed the commercialisation of the recruitment exercise and the callous, inhuman and irresponsible outburst credited to the Minister of Interior, Abba Morro that “520,000 applicants were invited for screening for 4,556 spaces and that the applicants died in a stampede due to impatient and non-adherence to lay down orderly procedure”. This is the trademark of the policies of privatisation, whose goals is maximising profits and loots at the expense of human life. As long as private selfish interest continues to hold sway as the driving force of the economy and politics in our country, so long will Nigerians be victims of economic policies and Ministerial appointments dictated by IMF and World Bank,; so long will the millions of army of unemployed become victims of applicants’ invitation to interviews being levied extorting fees for forms, question papers and interviewers’ overhead expenses.

5.    JAF wishes to alert Nigerians that the rising rate of unemployment by over 2 million Nigerians entering the employment market annually, coupled with the continued collapse of industries, job losses and job insecurity should be instructive on why Nigerians should brace up for RESISTANCE against the capitalist’s neo-liberal IMF and World Bank policies of privatisation, deregulation, commercialisation, monetisation, outsourcing, bail-out of collapsed private banks and interests with public fund, foreign debt enslavement, etc.

6.    JAF contends that a huge army of unemployed are being created daily as a result of privatisation and other anti-poor neoliberal capitalist policies. We hold that it is possible to create massive jobs on living wage especially given the fact that many critical sectors like education, health care, agriculture, housing, infrastructure, etc are not only short adequate personnel but also require massive expansion  to meet the growing needs of the population. However, the crisis of unemployment in Nigeria is such that the extant decadent capitalist economic agenda of successive regimes cannot resolve. It is only a socialist economic transformation of the Nigerian polity that can guarantee such massive jobs and employment creating opportunities because of the necessity for access by ALL Nigerians to education, healthcare, housing, infrastructure, industrialisation, energy, social welfare, etc

7.    JAF declares next week Thursday, March 27th as a Day of National Mourning and Mass Rally. Details of the kickoff Mass Rally, which will hold at the Nigeria Civil Service Union Secretariat, Alausa-Ikeja, will be made public subsequently.

8.    JAF notes that the avoidable tragic death of March 15th is a reflection of the depth of the crises of unemployment and the necessity for Nigerians to struggle for the replacement of the unjust capitalist system that encourages looting and corruption and concentrates wealth of Nigerians in few hands of the ruling class of exploiters at the expense of the deprived majority working people. This informed the declaration of JAF for a socialist transformation of Nigeria, which was the consensus of Nigerians in the 1986 nationwide Political Debate, as the Political Alternative.

9.    In the immediate, JAF enjoins Nigerians to demand:
·         Just compensation to the families of all those dead and injured at the NIS interviews on March 15th.

·         Decent Work and Living Wage for ALL

·         Unemployment Benefits for ALL Unemployed.

·         Reversal of the IMF and World Bank policies of privatisation, privatisation, deregulation, commercialisation, monetisation, outsourcing, bail-out of private of collapsing private banks and interest with public fund, foreign debt enslavement, etc.

·         Government should have business in the socio-economic and welfare NEEDS of Nigerians through public ownership and democratic control of the economy.


Dr. Oladipo Fashina
Comrade Abiodun Aremu
JAF Chairperson
JAF Secretary