Republic of Congo, Angola agree to resolve border conflict


DRC nationals leaving Angola_roundedMinisterial delegations from Congo and Angola on Tuesday in Brazzaville agreed to resolve the border dispute between the two countries.

The two parties at the end of their meeting agreed that Pangui village in Kimongo district belongs to the Republic of Congo.

They also agreed to set up a joint border demarcation committee of experts, besides allowing free movement of people between their neighboring villages.

Georges Chikoti,  Angola’s Foreign Minister, said the two parties were determined to peacefully resolve the border dispute, and recommended the holding of the seventh session of Republic of Congo-Angola Joint Commission in Brazzaville as soon as possible.

“The cooperation relations between Angola and the Republic of Congo dates back to several years,’’ he said.

His Congolese counterpart, Basile Ikouebe, pointed out the importance of peace and good neighbourliness, while urging border security officers to respect the mutual agreement.

On Oct. 13, 2013, about 40 Congolese soldiers were arrested by their Angolan counterparts following a border dispute.

After days of negotiation, Angola agreed to send back the soldiers to Brazzaville