Poultry farmer urges FG to provide more incentives to boost production


poultryfarm Dr Festus Anifalaye, Director of Poultry at the Rhyss Farms, Ikorodu, Lagos, on Tuesday urged the Federal Government to subsidise the cost of bird cages, feeds and land to encourage  poultry farmers.

Anifalaye told Naija247news.com  in Lagos that provision of loans with reduced interest rate would also motivate the farmers.

He said that poultry was a major economy booster but regretted that people were losing interest in poultry farming because of the high cost the materials and paucity of funds.

“Through the ministries of agriculture, poultry farmers can be assisted with loans with minimal interest rates.

“ Incentives in form of provision of cages, feeds and lands at subsidised rates can be introduced.

“Raw materials for poultry feeds such as maize should be made available to farmers at very low rates,’’ Anifalaye said.

He said that poultry farming could provide jobs for Nigerians and ensure food security.

“In terms of job creation, poultry farming can do a lot because we have farm attendants, feed millers, poultry workers and those selling raw materials.

“In the area of food supply, poultry can provide both meat and eggs for human consumption; this contributes a lot to economic growth.

“We want the government to support more than it has done so as to ensure food security,’’ Anifalaye said.

He said that the ban on imported frozen birds would boost patronage of local producers, build the economy and create more jobs.

Anifalaye said that the government needed to adequately support local producers to enable them to increase production of poultry products to meet local demands.