DStv/Basketball: Ahmedu calls for stakeholders conference


Col. Sam Ahmedu, (rtd), the Proprietor, Dodan Warriors Basketball Club of Lagos, on Tuesday urged the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) to summon a stakeholders conference to explore areas of sponsorship for clubs.

Ahmedu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that it was important to find sponsors so as to keep the clubs and the league alive.

“The federation should be concerned with the financial status of clubs represented on the DStv league, because their success transfers on the face of the league and the players.

“In the proposed stakeholders meeting, participating clubs will be introduced to interested companies that would like to sponsor them, most especially wearing their company’s logos on our jerseys.

“My club tried this in the previous two seasons by having Industrial and General Insurance (IGI) Plc to sponsor our team and perform other personal functions for us.

“We wear the branded jerseys of IGI but, unfortunately this did not go down well with NBBF.

“My club suffered terribly in the federations hands such that last season, our national Final Four qualification fee of N5000,000 was withheld till date by NBBF.

“Dodan Warriors has no choice but to call off the partnership with IGI because we do not understand on whose side the NBBF is, ’’ Ahmedu said.

According to Ahmedu, the federation needs to be clear on how it intends to help the clubs improve on their finances to be able to produce quality players.

Ahmedu commended DStv for providing a new floor at the Indoor Sports Hall of the National Stadium, Lagos.

He, however, challenged them to provide standard electronic scoreboards at the hall.

“The sponsors have done well by providing a new basketball floor and two uprights in Lagos center, but they still need to do more by providing standard electronic scoreboards.

“A standard electronic wall scoreboards will allow everybody in the hall see and follow the scores clearly and not the table scoreboard in use presently,’’ Ahmedu said