Google Acquires To Battle Online Ad Frauds


Acquisitions are becoming a trend these days. After the huge raves that Facebook-Whatsapp acquisition happened, the search-giant Google has acquired London-based startup company to spot and stop online advertising frauds. DoubleClick, Google’s unit which develops targeted ads has shared that it is buying for its technology to handle Ad frauds that are becoming very common these days. is a three-year old startup company that will help Google identify bad behavior in video and display ads on the web to understand more accurately – what is and what isn’t succeeding.

The details of the deal were not disclosed but the British-based company has some impressive talents, including three PhDs, an ex-Yahoo expert and an artificial language expert to match Google’s ranks. Neal Mohan, at Google’s DoubleClick said that if marketers can buy media online and are confident that their ads are reaching people then this vibrant ecosystem of advertising will flourish. With this acquisition, Google wants to weed out fraud ads and improve the digital ecosystem. He further added that Google’s immediate priority is to include fraud detection technology in videos and display ads products.

This move will help Google combat click frauds where people with the use of automatic programs increase the number of likes on an ad to generate big revenues. The startup’s technology is specifically designed to detect attacks infected by malware. Many times, criminals hack computers, place a huge volume of ad requests and defraud online advertisers with millions of dollars. Therefore, this seems like good move from Google to handle such ad frauds.

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