Controversial Obasanjo secretly meets Jonathan in Kenya


OBJ and JONATHANAfter causing a  media storm online with his awashed letter to President Goodluck Jonathan, The former Nigerian President meets with Goodluck Jonathan in Nairobi, Kenya, for a breatfast launch where they both attended the 50th Independence Anniversary celebration of that East African country.

Obasanjo’s visit to Mr. Jonathan came as a surprise to political watchers as it contradicted the purported frosty relationship between the duo especially with the reported leakage to the media of an 18-page strongly-worded letter titled ‘Before It Is Too Late’ to the president.

The unexpected meeting which held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi, where the Nigerian president was lodged, saw Mr. Obasanjo pay a surprise visit to Mr. Jonathan and they both had a private breakfast together.

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