Vampire Diaries Recap: Addicted to Blood


The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers

So much for Caroline’s rebound.

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On Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, newbie bloodsucker Jesse escapes Dr. Wes’ lab and calls upon Caroline for help after he attacks his own roomie, Aaron. She and Elena give him the 411 on being a vamp, to which Jesse adjusts remarkably well, and before you know it, he’s partying and dancing with Caroline like he didn’t just turn into an undead creature.

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Things start to heat up between Jesse and Caroline, but he hesitates to kiss her because the last time he did, she got all weird. So she takes it upon herself to plant one on him, which turns into necking and then biting Caroline’s lip — and that’s the just the tip of the iceberg.

Turns out Dr. Wes was feeding Augustine blood to Jesse so that vampires would no longer be a threat to humans. If he changes their food source to vamp blood, then the enemy turns on its own kind. So feeling rather bloodthirsty, Jesse leaves Caroline and goes to confront Dr. Wes, who’s being held captive by Damon. Jesse and the elder Salvatore brother get into a tussle, and though Damon’s got years on Jesse, the newbie is stronger because of the Augustine blood. Elena is forced to kill Jesse to save Damon.

“The Elena that I used to know would have given Jesse a chance,” a sad Caroline says over Jesse’s lifeless body.

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Later, the two exchange apologies, but Caroline still finds a way to turn it back to her dislike of Damon. “The outside world is not nearly as dangerous as the person you’re inviting into your own bedroom,” she tells Elena.

Meanwhile, Damon discovers a numbered blood bag in Wes’ lab and recalls that he was once part of the Augustine program. What?! How did he not bring that up earlier?

Elsewhere in the episode:

– Bonnie and Jeremy can’t stop “registering for classes,” but their make-out sessions keep getting interrupted by supernatural beings crossing over to the other side. Awkward!

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– Katherine decides to help Matt out with his passenger problem and enlists Stefan and Nadia, who “wakes up” her boyfriend. Turns out the mysterious knife is the only thing that will kill a passenger, so she stabs Matt with it – he will survive, Katherine assures, but how?! – and gets rid of Gregor. That leads to the best note ever when Katherine writes to Nadia, “Sorry I had to kill your boyfriend, but it was the motherly thing to do.”

– Katherine also manages to help Stefan through his PTSD and he, in turn, saves her when she tries to kill herself. She tells him about how the Travelers want her dead and how she’s dying of old age. His response? “You’re Katherine Pierce. Suck it up.” Kind of perfect. And let’s not forget the cheek cupping and the way Katherine practically sparked back to life afterward.

– Aaron shares with Elena the story of how his mother was killed during a camping trip. She had neck bites, so they deemed it a bear attack. Elena, however, does not tell him about all the “animal” attacks in Mystic Falls.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the episode? Was Jesse’s stay too brief? Who was on the right side of the debate: Caroline or Elena? And do Jeremy and Bonnie nee

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