YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE: Ooops…He’s A Nigerian; He Looks 20 Something Years-Old…She Is White: She Looks 80 Something Years-Old…Wedding At Ikoyi Registry, Lagos


Smile for the camera now…You Two
I stumbled on these incredible pics on the Blogosphere and found them really funny…the guy in the wedding pics looked as if it was a forceful wedding which held at Ikoyi Registry, Lagos, Nigeria…Anyway, I struggled to give the story a caption…

I do not know any other details such as date, their names, etc. But if you live in Lagos, Nigeria you should be able to confirm the pics were taken at the popular Ikoyi Registry.
Just last week, a British divorcée cried out saying she was tricked into sending £40,000 to a Nigerian con artist she met over the internet. If you missed the story you can read it HERE.
But why would a 20 something years-old guy marry a woman old enough to be his Grandma? Or better put, why would a grandma marry a guy old enough to be his grand-son? Please don’t tell me it’s LOVE…

Shopping for the wedding ceremony?
Please Caption This Pic…
Really? Even Family members were in attendance…

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