National leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) Asiwaju Bola Tinubu returned
home last night, saying he is hale and hearty.

Tinubu, who arrived aboard a chartered private jet at the Murtala Muhammed
International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, about 9 pm., described rumours of his ill health as part
of the grand political design to run him down.

Dressed in a grey long sleeve French suit, the former Lagos State governor was received by
scores of his supporters on arrival.

They danced and sang his praise as they milled round him to
shake his hand.
Tinubu said rumours of his ill health were “wicked”, describing the rumour-mongers as “enemies of progress”.

Their evil thoughts towards him did not only provoke prayers but also exposed how cheap people
could resort to in a bid to run down a political figure, he said, adding: “I’m glad to be back;
nothing wrong with my health”.

Tinubu urged the government to seek genuine consultation with Boko Haram leaders, to find out
why they are aggrieved.

The activities of Boko Haram, he said, have continued to threaten society, urging the government
not to seek foreign help to resolve the matter.

Tinubu said if he were ill, as
insinuated by a section of the
media, he will not hesitate to let
the public know as he did in the
heat of the campaign for his re-
election in 2003, when he had
back pain. “After all, it is only
human for anybody to be ill,” he

Tinubu said it was ungodly for
anybody to celebrate falsehood
about his health to score cheap
political points.

On the appointment of the ACN
presidential candidate, Malam
Nuhu Ribadu, as chairman of the
Petroleum Resources Task Force,
Tinubu said the panel is a ploy to
cover up all the political
donations the ruling party
received from oil and gas

He said it would have been
proper for Jonathan to write the
ACN, to request the release of
any of its members to serve in
the government, which the ACN
would have considered.

Tinubu said drafting Ribadu into
such a panel, when the House of
Representatives “is still working
on the issue, is merely

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