P.Diddy ‘hospitalised after Playboy Mansion party’


Rapper P Diddy was hospitalized yesterday morning, after suffering from an extreme migraine. Source  report that music mogul hosted a post-Grammy party at the Playboy Mansion Sunday night, when soon after he felt unwell.
Not surprisingly after all the hard partying at Hugh Hefner’s mansion the ‘Coming Home‘ hitmaker went home and was struck down with a piercing headache.
P Diddy’s entourage became so concerned they drove him to the UCLA emergency room which was the same place King Of Pop Michael Jackson was pronounced dead.
After he was treated he headed back home feeling a lot perkier.
A source close to the star claims the migraine was unrelated to anything that happened at the mansion.
Whatever the case it seems like that the party went down well after the rapper tweeted: “This is actually one of the HOTTEST parties I’ve ever thrown!! Right now at the Playboy Mansion!!!! Let’s goooooooo!!!!”
He has thanked his fans
Thanks for all the twitter love! I,m fine. Ijust had the craziest Migraine.
I,m just sleeping it off now. Thank you. Love yall

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