Oba Akinruntan’s Daughter,Estranged Hubby Kidnaps Children On Way To School

Ayo Fanawopo, the estranged husband of oMobola, daughter of celebrated Oil baron and Monarch of Ugbo Kingdom, Oba Obateru Akinruntan has kidnapped the children of his troubled union.
This development came to be on Thursday February 2 2011.He reportedly ‘snatched’ the children on their way to school at about 7.40 a.m.
According to a source Ayo was ‘aided in the exercise by heavily armed men…the driver was beaten and the nanny manhandled before the children were taken to an unknown destination’
The estranged hubby reportedly relied on ‘a court order’ to perfect the act. Both Ayo and OMobola are estranged and live apart. They are said to be in the process of dissolving the marriage at the instance of Mobola.
A report of kidnapping was lodged against Ayo over the incident at Maroko police station.
Oba Akinruntan’s daughter reportedly made the move on the premise of separate court orders in London and Nigeria that awarded custody of the two children to her.
She reportedly secured custody weeks before the alleged kidnapping episode by Ayo.
Detailing the background of the unfolding drama an insider revealed ‘sometime in May 2010, Mobola initiated divorce proceedings against her estranged hubby at the Customary Court of Lagos State of Nigeria sitting at Amuwo Odofin Kuje Grade B’, Amuwon Odofin, Lagos’
The action made via Suit No:AKCC/17/2010 resulted in a court order that the Children of the Marriage remain in Nigeria with Omobolanle pending the determination of the Petition pending before the Court.
Mobola reportedly perfected the move on relocating back home after a marriage with Ayo crumbled in the U.K.
She was said to kept her distance from Ayo, secured custody of the children over there before returning home.
According to another source ‘strangely the case that gave custody of the children to Mobola was initiated by Ayo’
Sources claimed Ayo was given visitation rights and ordered to be responsible for the sustenance of mother and children- he reportedly refused to meet the obligation.
Mobola with no meaningful employment to sustain the status of a single mother reportedly returned home.
She was said to have relied on support from Ayo to keep body and soul together prior to her return.
This arrangement- while they were married- reportedly transformed her subject of marital abuse to the point of hospitalization in the course of the marriage.
The effect of the victimization,blackmail and threats of tainting her father’s name reportedly proved too much and opted out.
Omobolanle-AkinruntanFriends provided a glimpse into Mobola’s estranged hubby’s character with the claim that ‘Sometime in 2005, Omobolanle went to shop with her erstwhile husband(in the U.K) and he set her up with the goods they bought such that she was arrested for shoplifting, where he denied knowing her and subsequently secured her bail claiming that she was mentally unstable!’
This and other related instances are said to be instruments of blackmail and threats Ayo used to control her till she got tired of the loveless marriage of abuse and opted out.
Sources claim Mobola and her family are passionately trying to end the latest angle introduced with the Kidnap saga by getting the children back as soon as possible.

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