{VIDEO} – BREAKING NEWS: DEATHTRAP IN INDIA…Prophet TB Joshua Foretells The Collapse Of A Huge Bridge


In his live church service on Sunday the 5th of February 2012, Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), addressed the congregation and the world at large through EmmanuelTV on a vision God had given him concerning the Nation of India; in these words;
Pray for this country, India, I’m seeing a very huge bridge broken, and when a bridge divides into two what do you think would happen to the vehicles on top and everybody? Pray for India and this bridge is very close to the river, it’s like crossing the river and…” so please pray for the nation India, I’m seeing a breaking news, what is the cause of the breaking news, they said; this is a bridge divide and the people on top and everyone…” so please everybody be careful, the word is a global one now, so pray for the Nation India, Open your lips for prayer. I’m seeing this happen; they should take care on Thursday, Wednesday or Friday night. So I’ll still go into it but pray for this nation, it’s not this week anyway.
Aftermath of a Collapsed Bridge…           http://youtu.be/XRrqw8j9cEs

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