Prince Segun Adesegun, the Randy Deputy Governor of Ogun State

image The Ogun State Deputy Governor, Prince Segun Adesegun, is neck deep in a sex scandal involving a 19year-old undergraduate of the Lagos State University, (LASU), Funke Adesina, (not real names), who is alleged to be five months pregnant for him.

Pointblanknews.com learnt that the romance between the Deputy Governor, who is married with kids, and the undergraduate, began some months ago, shortly after a trip by Ms Adeshina to Abeokuta,  to pick up rents from tenants in her father’s house.

  Ms. Adeshina who said she did not want her name published told Pointblanknews.com that on that fateful day, one Mr. Fajimi an aide picked her up from her dad’s house to the Deputy Governor.

 According to the skinny lady who said she had briefed some members of her family who are poised for a showdown, Mr Fajimi told her his boss fancied her and would want to see her.

She also said that when Fajimi continued to pressure her, she told him she was cash strapped and explained her trip to Abeokuta which was to get   some extra cash from her dad’s tenants to make up for the shortfall in her school fees, which was in excess of N200,000.

According to Ms. Adeshina who disclosed that she had already contacted a lawyer and the police “I later agreed to meet him. Mr. Fajimi took me to him, and told me he (Adesegun) would take care of my needs. At that time I had not been able to raise enough money since the State Government just hiked tuition in my school, (LASU), to over N200,000. The Deputy Governor promised to care of my fees, and even marry me, he was nice initially”

She continued, “he allowed me to stay at his guest house regularly. I agreed because he said he would help me and assured me he would marry me. But he did not give me a kobo. At a point Mr. Fajimi said he would send me N40,000 but nothing, I just trusted him”

Having swallowed the Deputy Governor’s marriage bait; hook, line and sinker, Ms. Adeshina gave in wholeheartedly and cared no more about immediate gains from the Ogun State number two man.

Pointblanknews.com gathered further that on September 24, 2011, she got another late night call from the Deputy Governor. In spite of persuasions from her friends who maintained it was too late to ply the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway, especially as it involved going to meet a man who would certainly not raise an eyebrow should any harm befall her; she left, never wanting to disappoint her newfound love.

But to her chagrin, when she arrived the guest house in Abeokuta his aides told her the boss would not be around for the night.

Ms Adeshina alleged “ I didn’t see him that night as he never bothered to let me know his wife and family had joined him in the now completed Governor’s Lodge. I was left at the Guest House with aides who took care of my needs till the morning of September 25, when the Deputy Governor hurriedly came into the room.”

 Thereafter, he allegedly headed for a meeting at an unknown destination, promising to give her an undisclosed sum the following Thursday. That was the last time Prince Segun Adesegun allowed his LASU mistress near him or the Governor’s Lodge. He stopped answering her calls when Ms. Adeshina told him she noticed changes in her body since the last time they met.

The undergraduate said she fell terribly sick and medical tests confirmed she was pregnant.  Asked why they engaged in unprotected sex,  she said  “ I trusted Prince Segun’s status and believed the man was capable of taking care of any outcome “

According to her, all   efforts to reach the Deputy Governor was abortive as he kept referring her calls to his aide, Mr. Fajimi, who in turn put her on hold with curios excuses.

Mr. Fajimi, she alleged, assured her his boss would take care of her needs, but expected Ms. Adeshina to exercise patience while the Deputy Governor attended to the ‘more important business of governance.’

After three months and with her pregnancy now visible, depressed and frustrated, She decided to send  text messages to him threatening to speak to his wife and the press about her predicament should he maintain his silence.

According to her “when I threatened to go to the media and tell his wife, he sent a paltry N10, 000 (Ten Thousand naira) to me through one of his men called Taiwo. Taiwo said I should use it to offset some medical bills and that arrangements were underway by his boss to ‘pay me off’ – a statement that was not quite clear to me, at that time “

 Pointblanknews.com learnt that soon after she got the N10, 000.00, Taiwo’s mobile number 08022308059 went blank and has remained unreachable till the time of filing this report.

In other to conceal her condition from her hypertensive father while pressure is mounted on the Deputy Governor to come up with his plan for her, which borders around paying her off or performing her marriage rites, Ms. Adeshina was allegedly smuggled out from their Iyana Ipaja, Lagos, home to somewhere around FESTAC, Lagos.

 She, however, maintained she would have terminated the pregnancy earlier if she had the premonition that the Deputy Governor’s mission was just to use her for his immediate sexual pleasure.

Ms. Adeshina who is about five months gone said  she already spoke to the police and a lawyer in Abeokuta who agreed to accompany her with her parents to meet the Deputy Governor at his Lodge should the man maintain his stance of not wanting to speak with or see her.

She, however, said her uncle is expected from Ibadan on Sunday, February 12, who would create the environment to break the news to her father before their planned visit to the Deputy Governor.

But the pregnant teenager fears her life may not be the same again after going through so much pain and rejection from a man she had believed was honorable. She is sick, dejected and deeply worried she might lose her pregnancy after all.

Asked why she wants her story to go public before their visit to Abeokuta, she maintained she chose to let the Nigerian public know, just in case anything happens to her or her family.

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