Wednesday, June 26,2019

By: Okafor Joseph

The General Overseer of Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre, Aka Solution Ground, Prophet Ohez Greg Azuka, cautions members against end time prophets, prophetess, and pastors moving around deceiving people and preforming unnecessary magic all in the name of miracles.

The Minister of God read from the Holy Bible Book of Matthew7: 15,21 where Our Lord Jesus Christ cautioned the multitudes against end time prophets who deceive people in sheep clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

The missions of this end time false bishops, pastors and prophets that roam the streets is to feed their belly, hold fat bank accounts, build big houses and ride expensive cars through their false miracles using satanic magic powers the cleric revealed while teaching on the message tagged: The Second coming of Jesus.

The deliverance minister notes that false pastors are those who sleep with their church members wife all in the name trying to give them a child, false prophets advice members to empty their bank account all in the name of preforming miracles, they tell women looking for child to take off their cloth in other to bath them with black soaps and also advice husband and wife having financial challenges to bring some money and other items for spiritual works.

Moreover, he revealed to the congregation several ways to figure out a false prophet and prophetess.

According to him, if you are in a church were they promote carnality, a church were the pastors talks about things of this world so much, or may be you are in a church for years the preachers never preach the message of salvation nor you worship in a place were pastors wife dress worldly, and put on attachment hairs, lipsticks, artificial nails and other things that promote out beauty as against the inner beauty such categories of pastors are false prophets promoting the kingdom of darkness as against the kingdom of God he said.

The former Deeper Life Bible Church Pastor, said millions of people dying every day heads to hell under the leaderships of this ravening wolves and also warming Christians to be careful of were they to run for prayers adding that God almighty has rise up Kingdom Power International Christians Praying Centre, as a place of refuge and safety were all problems that cannot be solved in other churches are solved and further noted that the mission of KPICPC is to end the dominions of this demonic pastors, bishops and close down satanic churches.


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