Pastor Warm Members Against God’s Wrath on First Fruit



By: Okafor Joseph

The general Overseer of Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre, aka solution ground, has warmed members of his church against the impending wrath to inherit if they fail to remit their first fruit to God according as the Holy Bible commanded us.

The Pastor, who made this know during the first Sunday service on January 7th 2019

On a topic titled; Honor the lord with your first fruit.

He read series of Bible verses such has Proverbs 3: 9,10, Deuteronomy 28:8, 15: 10,Isaiah 2:5 to back up his claim.

Azuka, said that based on research carried out, we discover in Christendom today the reasons why many Christians are suffering from poverty in the church of God, is due to their disobedient to the commandment of God.

Christians, today have cultivated the habits of not paying titles, first fruit and offering as God the almighty has commanded us in the scripture he said.

The Man of God, made a surprise statement when said that for God to accept the first fruit of any persons in this world   such persons must be born again, totally free from sin, holy, righteous and pure in heart for such offering to be totally accepted too God he noted.

He went further, to highlight the impending danger of not paying first fruit and titles to the congregations and the following punishment to inherit such as:

  1. Struggles throughout the year
  2. Those that refuse to pay their first fruit to God, ends up paying to the wrong client such as Sickness, Robbers , 419 fraud stars and others.

Ohez, warmed members and Christian all over the world to stop giving God there left over, because he his not our age mate he said.

Lastly, he urged members to cultivate the attitude of giving their best substances to God adding when you give your creator the best, he will increase your substances according to his promise.





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