Religion: Church Must Stop Inviting comedians to the House of God- Nigerian Pastor

The General Overseer of the solution ground power ministry


By; Okafor Joseph Afam

September 10, 2018 @ 5:08 AM

The General Overseers of Solution Ground Power Ministry Pastor Ohez Azuka, has warm churches in Nigeria, Africa and the world to stop bringing comedians to the house of God, the set of people whom God refer to as foolish talkers.

According to him, comedians are the people that condemn the holy things of God; they disagree with the word of God because they are not serious people.

Pastors, must stop bringing what God has condemn to back to his house, because there is no place in the 66 books of the Holy Bible were God himself mention comedians in the scripture he only called them foolish talkers he said.

He noted that comedians can’t win souls for the kingdom of God with the foolish things they say all in the name of making people happy or joyful adding that the greatest joy a Christian will experience is the joy of salvation Jesus Christ gave to his church.

In continue the former Deeper Life Bible Church Location Pastor  in an Interviews with Springnewsng said any Pastor that invites comedian to the house of God is not called by God adding that those Bishops, Pastors, Apostles and Evangelist that thinks they can build a large congregations with comedians will be disappointed on the last day.

The Minister, Warm Pastors to stop deceiving members of their  church, because there is no name called Christians comedians or comedy in the Bible in quote there is nothing like Christian comedian he said.

Ohez, urge church leaders to pursue after anointing, Holy Power which is the sure way to restore the unlimited Joy to the people of God, adding comedians can only come to church as members receive the message of salvation to prepare them for heaven.











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