Experts: How Garlic can be used to treat vaginal thrush


By Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta

Experts has recommended Garlic as one of the home made remedies for treatments of vaginal thrush, which is on the rise globally.
Garlic as an antiviral. Its strong smell makes it tough for the fungi to thrive.
Garlic for Vaginal Thrush

Garlic for Vaginal Thrush

Peel a clove of garlic and before sleeping insert it into your vagina. In the morning, remove it and wash your vagina with lukewarm water. Also, add garlic to your cooking.

Vaginal thrush is a type of yeast infection that affects about every 3rd woman at some point in their life. In fact, some woman may also suffer from more than one episode of vaginal thrush. It is also known as Candida vulvovaginitis.
Vaginal Thrush

Vaginal Thrush
What is the Cause of Vaginal Thrush

Vaginal thrush is caused due to the excessive growth of candida in the vagina. In normal conditions, there is a mixture good bacteria and candida present in the vagina. The bacteria produce acids that prevent the overproduction of the yeast. But when this balance between the bacteria and candida is disrupted it results in vaginal thrush. A few causes that are responsible for disturbing the balance are hormonal changes, poor hygiene, use of perfumed soaps or creams, douche, use of tampons, poor diet, Birth control pill, using spermicidal condoms, diabetes, impaired immunity, pregnancy and intake of certain medicines.

Vaginal Thrush

Vaginal Thrush
What are the Symptoms of Vaginal Thrush

The most common symptoms of vaginal thrush are itching in the intimate area. Other symptoms are thick vaginal discharge, pain in urination, redness, soreness and pain during intercourse.
What is the Treatment of Vaginal Thrush

Vaginal thrush is easily treated. Your doctor may prescribe you medicines and creams to apply in the intimate area. In this article, we will discuss better and natural cure for vaginal thrush.
for vaginal thrush
Home Remedies for Vaginal Thrush

Coconut Oil- This is one of the most effective home remedies for vaginal thrush. Coconut oil is antifungal and thus treats the yeast infection. Apply coconut oil to the intimate area 3-4 times in a day. Also, include coconut oil to your cooking.
Coconut Oil for Vaginal Thrush

Coconut Oil for Vaginal Thrush

Yogurt- Yogurt is rich in good bacteria. It maintains the pH and makes the environment for the fungi is unable to thrive. Add a cup of yogurt to your bathtub and soak yourself in it for 20 minutes. Alternatively, you may take a teaspoon of yogurt and insert it into your vagina. Repeat this 2-3 times in a day. Also, add yogurt to your daily diet.

Aloe Vera- The enzymes and vitamins present in the aloe vera effectively inhibit the growth of yeast. Also, aloe vera is anti-inflammatory, anti-irritating and renders a cooling effect. Extract fresh aloe vera gel and apply it to the affected part 3 times in a day.
Aloe Vera for Vaginal Thrush

Aloe Vera for Vaginal Thrush

Apple cider vinegar- There are natural enzymes present in the apple cider vinegar that maintain the pH balance of the vagina. This prevents the growth of candida. Also, apple cider vinegar boosts immunity and is antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal.Dilute a cup of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water and wash your intimate area with this solution 2 times in a day.

Baking soda- The anti fungal nature of baking soda makes it an effective home remedy for vaginal thrush. Mix a cup of baking soda to your bathtub filled with water and soak yourself in it for 10 minutes. Repeat this once in a week.

Besides the home remedies for vaginal thrush also make sure to maintain vaginal hygiene. Wash your vagina with warm water. Avoid perfumed soaps, tampons, and spermicidal condoms. Avoid douching. Drink lots of water. Eat a diet rich in whole grains, lean meat, fish, and vegetables. And wear cotton panties.


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