Buhari’s advisers moving Nigeria backward – Pioneer NLC president


The pioneer President of Nigeria Labour Congress ( NLC ), Comrade Hassan A. Summonu has said that most of the Advisers and so called technocrats in the Buhari government does not have the capacity to move the nation forward as they were merely playing politics with the life of Nigerians.

Summonu who was contributing to the discussion on the future of work at the ongoing 40th anniversary celebration of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) said the President’s advisers were working hard to turn Nigerians to starved slaves.

He said government’s reactive, rather than proactive measures has contributed largely to drawing the country backward, pointing out that most of the socio economic and security challenges can be attributed to unemployment.

He said: “Some of the so called technocrats in the present government and advisers of Buhari are mere Buharist, they cannot move Nigeria forward. So NLC and other civil society organisations across Nigeria must fight those people who want to dull Nigeria and turn its citizens to starved slaves.

“Education, health, housing and industries are core to socio-econimic development of any country. And thses are areas that can generate millions of jobs for Nigerians. Most of the socio-economic and security problems facing Nigeria is as a result of unemployment and this becauseof poor or Wactive socio-economic policies of both the present government and the past ones.

“Are we reacting instead of being proactive. Nigeria, led by its government have to be proactive. What is our government doing in terms of socio-economic development in order to prepare for a better future of work for Nigerians? We cannot prepare for the future of the world of work if we don’t massively invest in new technology through research for a viable industry development.

“Look at Ajaokuta Steal. No country can induatrialise without a viable steal industry. We have been told that Ajaokuta Steal has been built up to 90% and then they want to put some money there and sell it to their friends. In the name of privatising our national asset.

“NLC, Nigeria Civil Society organisations and every Nigerian should oppose any attempt by anybody or any government to privatize Ajaokuta Steal and other industries in the country. We should resist it because it is unpatriotic, unpardonable, unreasobale and unforgivable.

“Look at the number of tens of thousands of jobs that should be available for Nigerians if that industry is viable. Since they privatize our electricity industry, what have we gotten? Instead of constant light, we are paying more for darkness.

“In electricity, are we investing in research and technology for solar energy, wind energy which are the future of electricity across the world? Are we preparing and training youths for electric engine motor cars because in another decades, petrol might not be the source of running cars.”

Summonu said further that Nigerians must work to revamp the education sector from kindergarten to primary, high school and university level, saying “Over 60million Nigerians are said to uneducated. So it means that those 60million Nigerians are not effectively contributing to the economy of Nigeria because of illiteracy.

“So if we decide to train teachers for the purpose of eradicating illitracy in Nigeria within the next 2 to 3 years, are we not going to generate massive jobs? On the other hand, if the socio-economic policy of the government is directed to providing decent housing for the majority of Nigerians, would that not create millions of jobs?

“So far, even with the so much job creation promised they made to Nigerians every now and then, they are only focusing on pocket economic policy agenda. Being what IMF and World Bank direct them to do. What they can actually do to provide jobs for Nigerians is so obvious.

“Though I commend the federal government for now seeing that agriculture is among the ways to provide for our country and so create jobs. However, Nigeria government must invest in research and development.”

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