Nigeria’s Lagos Records 7,396 Prison Inmates Population in 2016


The Prison Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics reflected the Prison Population by Total Detainees, Prison Capacity and Number of Un-sentenced Detainees  by State and Year and Prison Inmate Population by Gender from 2011 to 2016.

Based on 2016 data, Lagos State has the highest number of prison inmates population. The state recorded 7,396 prison inmates population as against a prison capacity of 3,927, closely followed by Rivers and Kano States with 4,424 and 4,183 prison inmates population.

Conversely, Ekiti and Bayelsa States had the least prison inmates population of 444 and 585 as against prison capacity of 200 and 400 respectively.

The overall prison population in the country for 2016 was 68,686 as against 65, 033 in 2015. The increase in prison inmates population in 2016 represents about 5.62% growth in comparison to the overall prison population in 2015.


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