Electricity: Stakeholders forum addresses metering challenges, others


National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) along with other stakeholders in the sector are holding a two day consultation forum in Abuja to among others, proffer solution to the challenges of metering consumers.

Speaking on Monday at the forum, the NERC’s Vice Chairman, Engr. Sanusi Garba stated that the commission was to consult with the general public and stakeholders on Metering Year Tariff Order (MYTO); Business continuity regulation; Eligible customers and Metering.

Garba, noted that the review was not meant to increase tariff, saying, “we are only consulting the public on regulations; stakeholders driven and our consultation has to do with hearing from customers how frequently we look at the figures that go into tariff.”

He added that at the end of the consultation, stakeholders will proffer regulations and initiatives that will bring out a lot of meters, “so that within the next few years customers will be 100 percent metered.”

The commission raised the concerns on MYTO, such as Disparity in applying changes in foreign exchange rate; Changes in Marco economic system and the volumetric energy risk which expose Disco and TCN.

On whether the consultation may lead to an increase in tariff, President of Hotel Owners Forum in Abuja, Dr. Eze Udeh said, “it’s a gradual way of getting an increase.

“Currently some hotel are been given N4 million monthly in this time of recession. We discuss certain hindrance, such a as exchange rate, inflation in Nigeria, inflation in US and these losses; passing the losses back to the end users, and the mass metering is not been done, for years a lot of people are complaining about not getting meters.”


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