Increasing cases of obesity in Nigeria is linked to poor nutrition


Obesity formally thought to be a disease affecting mostly the rich in Nigeria is now gradually finding more victims in the middle and lower class. According to Medical New Today, Obesity is a condition where a person accumulates a lot of body fat that might have negative effects on their health.

Increasing trend of cases of obesity in Nigeria can be traced to poor diet and lack of sensitization. The report also stated that the increase in cases of cardiovascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes, musculoskeletal disorder, cancer of the breast, colon and endometrial can be linked to the increase in cases of obesity.

Available statics shows that there is a 35% increase in the cases of obesity in Nigeria and only 5% represents individuals in the higher social class. According to the report, some of the factors influencing this change in trend include a change in diet influenced by the rise in the cost of living, lack of sensitization about healthy living and lack of proper diagnostics and treatment centers.

The research went further to state that individuals with protruding stomach also stand a risk of dying from heart-related diseases than those with a normal waistline even though they have a healthy weight.

To reverse this trend, Herbal Pro listed proper education about the proper nutrition and diet, including eating a balanced diet of carbohydrate, proteins, fat and healthy oils as well as vitamins and fibers, removal of junk foods and processed sugar as well as the importance of staying fit and embedding a healthy lifestyle.

While in some cases healthy living can help you lose some pounds and maintain a correct BMI (Body Mass Index), some people may need supplements to assist with the weight loss process. Most Nigerians prefer herbal weight loss capsules to the common weight loss teas and coffees because it is more convenient, it’s not messy and saves time. It is also pertinent to imbed habit of checking your BMI regularly to ensure that you remain at your proper BMI.


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